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Tom Adelstein

Free lance writer
Open Source project(s) I'm involved with or passionate about: 
Gimp, Libre Office, KompoZer, Ubuntu

Tom Adelstein became an author in 1985 and has published and written non-fiction books, journalistic investigative reports, novels and screen plays prolifically ever since. As a journalist, he was a member of the Computer Press Association. Tom's last book,"Linux System Administration" hit number seven (7) on Amazon's Technical Best Seller list in 2007. He also won the "Linux Journal Reader's Choice Award" in 2008. Currently, Linux System Administration has been published in 14 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, German, Croatian and, of course, English. Tom has worked as a writer for hire (ghost writer) and has published over 360 magazine articles for well-known and smaller publishers.


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