New Raspberry Pi 3B+, Infection Monkey, Samba Password Bug, Facebook's Profilo and More

News briefs for March 14, 2018. The new Raspberry Pi 3B+ has arrived, just in time for Pi Day. New features include "a more powerful CPU, now running at 1.4 GHz on all its four cores. The ethernet port has also been updated to a Gigabit port, an oft requested feature, although due to pre-existing limitations it maxes out at about 350 megabits." See the specs and benchmarks are here, and you can get one for $35 via the Product page.

Eric Raymond's New UPS Project, Ubuntu's Bionic Beaver 18.04 Beta Released, Kernel Prepatch 4.16-rc5 and More

News briefs for March 12, 2018. Eric Raymond has started a new project after ranting about the state of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) market, as The Register reports. The Upside project is hosted on GitLab and "is currently defining requirements and developing a specification for a 'high quality UPS that can be built from off-the-shelf parts in any reasonably well-equipped makerspace or home electronics shop'." You can read Eric's original UPS rant here.

Purism Announces Hardware Encryption, Debian for WSL, Slack Ending Support for IRC and More

News briefs for March 9, 2018. Purism announced yesterday that it's collaborating with cryptography pioneer Werner Koch "to integrate hardware encryption into the company's Librem laptops and forthcoming Librem 5 phone. By manufacturing hardware with its own software and services, Purism will include cryptography by default pushing the industry forward with unprecedented protection for end-user devices."