Write for Linux Journal

We always are looking for contributed articles. Only by accepting articles from a variety of Linux users involved firsthand in the projects they write about can we do justice to the many areas in which people are applying Linux and the software that runs on it.

Submissions can be about anything related to Linux or adjacent topics. And, since Linux supports everything from watches to data centers and rockets in space, the range of possibilities rounds to infinite.

We always are looking for tutorial articles for all levels of expertise, and we appreciate good introductions to new and useful software.

We also are looking for real-world stories. If you are using Linux or any FOSS to do something unusual or if you are using Linux on a large scale, many people would like to read your story in Linux Journal. Our readers rely on Linux Journal to show them when Linux becomes a good choice for new kinds of projects. So, if you're the first person you know to do something on Linux, please let us know.

We're also tough editors. We want only the most interesting, accurate and well-written pieces. For news, we want reports that are not just timely, but more authoritative and deep than readers are likely to find elsewhere. For features, we want the same, but without a near-term expiration date on reader interest—in other words, pieces that are still fresh six months or a year from now.

That said, you do not have to be a professional writer to write for Linux Journal. If you have written informative web pages or helped users succeed with their Linux projects by posting good answers to mailing lists, you have the basic writing skills needed to become a Linux Journal author.

Please read our author's guide, and send article proposals here if you have an idea for an article. Be sure the subject line contains descriptive words, such as "RPi article proposal", to help us when sorting through submissions.