Submit Your Products for Review

Linux Journal readers want to hear about your Linux-related product. Therefore, we have created a review process that allows us to produce the unparalleled, objective reviews our readers have learned to expect from Linux Journal. When contacting us about a potential Linux Journal review, please keep in mind the following:

Do not send your product to Linux Journal without first contacting us. If we decide your product(s) would be of interest to our readers, we will contact you in order to receive a review copy.

We (or an appointed contractor) will be conducting the review as if we/they were the end user. Therefore, please send us the product as if it were being sent to a customer, with all necessary documentation.

Please keep in mind that a magazine's production cycle can sometimes take a little time. Although we do our best to turn around reviews quickly and have timely articles, products sent to us for review today may not appear in the magazine for a couple months in some cases. Also note that we are under no obligation to publish a review should the reviewer or editors decide the product isn't appropriate for our audience, for whatever reason.

If you have questions regarding your review or potential review, please Contact Us.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you!