Penguicon, Here I Come!

by Shawn Powers
Vulcan Jedi Playing Combat

Tomorrow (Friday) starts my annual trek down state to the Detroit area for Penguicon! It's possible the combination of Linux and Science Fiction wouldn't appeal to most people, but it absolutely appeals to me. I think perhaps adding a vintage video game track and calling it "Super Penguicon" would make it the trifecta of awesome. The conference chairs probably realize that would be too awesome, however, and the participants would be blinded by sheer awesomeness.

But I digress. :)

Anyway, this year I'll be there with fellow Linux Journalians Bill Childers and Kyle Rankin. There will be tons of geekishly famous people in attendance, tons of fun stuff to do, and enough strangeness to make the weirdest among us feel right at home. If you're going to be there and really want to see and hear me present, click HERE to see my scheduled appearances. Or look for me in the hallway and say hello!

Since this conference is in my home state, I'll be driving the 5-6 hours myself. Perhaps there will be a truckcam or so. Either way, this weekend should be a blast. Hope to see you there!