Linux Journal 2.0 Progress Report

The latest updates and another request for feedback.

It's been a busy two weeks here at Linux Journal 2.0, and we've been simply overwhelmed with all of your feedback and support—we can't thank you enough for all of it. We have read every single word of every comment on the site and via email, and if we haven't responded to you directly, please know you have indeed been heard. (Again, it's been overwhelming.)

First, here's a quick status update:

  • A migration to Drupal 8 is underway. Expect to see a new site in a few months. Suggestions and feedback are welcome at [email protected]

  • We are on our way to adding new types of editorial to the website. We have added a daily news roundup (see the first post here), and we expect to have other fresh articles—tips, reviews, how-tos, new project announcements—each day.

Those things are just the beginning, so be sure to visit the site regularly to see more improvements.

Now for the big question: based on all the comments regarding what you'd like Linux Journal 2.0 to be moving forward, we're considering two options:

  1. Produce a big, quarterly "book" full of indepth articles and how-tos in a wide range of categories (this would be digital to start, with the idea of moving to print eventually given enough support). And because some might think quarterly is too sporadic, even though we envision it having a much greater page count than a typical monthly LJ issue was in the past, we also would publish bi-monthly shorter ebooks on specific topics. (Keep in mind that those topics also would be based on reader requests.)

  2. We continue publishing LJ as it was, each month, with the same columnists and in the same format, but perhaps covering a wider range of topics.

  3. Note: in either case, as mentioned above, we will be updating the website daily with fresh articles and news, keeping information flowing freely. The digital magazines/ebooks will serve as a compendium/digest/extension of the information on the site.

    So, once again, we'd like to hear your thoughts. Please give your feedback in the comments below on whether you'd prefer option #1 or #2.

    As always, thank you.

Jill Franklin is an editorial professional with more than 17 years experience in technical and scientific publishing, both print and digital. As Executive Editor of Linux Journal, she wrangles writers, develops content, manages projects, meets deadlines and makes sentences sparkle. She also was Managing Editor for TUX and Embedded Linux Journal, and the book Linux in the Workplace. Before entering the Linux and open-source realm, she was Managing Editor of several scientific and scholarly journals, including Veterinary Pathology, The Journal of Mammalogy, Toxicologic Pathology and The Journal of Scientific Exploration. In a previous life, she taught English literature and composition, managed a bookstore and tended bar. When she’s not bugging writers about deadlines or editing copy, she throws pots, gardens and reads.

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