I'll Take Gingerbread and Honeycomb Over Fruit

Thankfully, Google has started the release process for their latest and greatest Android version -- Gingerbread. I'm looking forward to installing CyanogenMod's spin of 2.3 as soon as it's available. The big frustration for me, however, is that Gingerbread turned out not to be the tablet killing OS we all hoped for. Oh sure, there are some Android tablets available, but until Google allows regular access to the Marketplace, tablets running Android are going to be a kludge.

Until Honeycomb.

It's a bit odd to be thinking about the next version of Android, since 2.3 was just taken out of the metaphorical oven. If you watch this video, however, you might get some renewed hope in the tablet market. I know I sure did:

Granted there won't be any tablets available in time for Christmas that are running Honeycomb (Or Gingerbread for that matter), but it sure does make next year look rather exciting. If I could get the functionality of an iPad with the openness of an Android device -- it might actually entice me to get a tablet computer. When you add the recent release of Google's eBook store, it certainly seems like the big G has plans to compete with Apple, Amazon, and B&N. So while it may not be much fun to unwrap, I might be asking for a raincheck this Christmas. Well, maybe a raincheck and a pony...

H/T to Digital Divide for the awesome video.

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