Conspiracies Debunked, Starbucks Demobilized, and the British Desexed

As promised this morning, we're back with more wild and woolly news from the world wide web.

Starting us off is social-networking behemoth Facebook, where they've decided to say Hola to a new set of amigos starting today. The site — which has had its share of troubles in recent months — announced last week that they would be introducing a Spanish-language version of Facebook today, with German and French to debut in the coming weeks. In a move that seems shockingly open source for one of Microsoft's bedfellows, the translation was undertaken in a mere four weeks, not by a corporate team buy by 1,500 user volunteers.

That sort of community spirit was noticeably absent over at Comcast HQ last week, as the beleaguered ISP updated its Acceptable Use policy to codify the discriminatory throttling practices it's spent the last several months swearing it isn't involved in. The change won't protect them from the FCC complaint they're facing — a complaint they were due to have answered by January 25 but didn't — nor will it protect them from the smackdown Verizon suffered for throttling service advertised as "unlimited."

Next up for the smackdown are the conspiracy theories running rampant in the wake of four undersea internet cables being slashed last week. The rumors have been put to rest with the revelation that a scuttled anchor was to blame, not the CIA or al Qaeda operatives with exceptional breath control. We still think it could have been the Krikketers, though.

Speaking of things being busted, the long-time partnership between T-Mobile and Starbucks has come to an end., with the coffee conglomerate deciding to cozy up to AT&T for their wireless internet needs. AT&T's plan will allow all customers two hours of free access each day, with a pay-as-you-go option for longer blocks, as well as the option to use other AT&T locations. If you've got an existing T-Mobile account, don't worry — a special deal with AT&T means your plan will still work while you sip your mocha-double-decaf.

There was more ditching afoot today, with the announcement that a cherished American institution is coming to an end. The Polaroid Corporation, maker of the instant-print cameras and film that have captured a million moments — mostly ones we'd like to forget — has decided to eliminate the product lines, maintaining only enough stock to last until 2009. While the company is reportedly looking for an outside firm to continue manufacturing, analysts expect that this is probably the end. If you've been planning to take any embarrassing pics — or naughty ones, for that matter — then you'd better stock up now.

Finally, shocking news out of Great Britain on Friday, with the news that half of British men value television over sex. The revelation came with the release of a survey carried out by electronics outfit Comet, which asked ordinary Britons what they would give up in exchange for a 50-inch plasma set. The survey found 47% of men and 33+% of women were willing to give up sex for six months, while 25% would give up chocolate or ciggies. Comet's take on the results? "It seems that size really does matter."

And with that, we're out — there's something we want to catch on TV.

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