Comcast's Gonna Get It

A veritable Who's Who in the Net Neutrality community have come together to ask the Federal Communications Commission to give Comcast a good spanking over the company's policy of diverting BitTorrent traffic.

The parties, which include groups at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, filed a complaint with the FCC, alleging that Comcast's policy violates FCC rules enacted in 2005. The FCC established network neutrality regulations in order to prevent providers from limiting customer's access to internet services, and took a hard-line stance on what would happen if companies ran afoul of the rules. However, the complaint against Comcast is the first time the rules have been invoked in a complaint to the FCC.

The parties have requested a temporary injunction to prevent throttling until the FCC rules on the practice, as well as a permanent injunction if the FCC decides Comcast was in the wrong. It looks like after years of insisting they "didn't do it", Comcast is finally gonna get it.

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