Linux Journal Contents #105, January 2003

by Staff
Linux Journal Contents #105, January 2003

Linux Journal Issue #105/January 2003



  • Compiling Java with GCJ  by Per Bothner
    With the latest GCC, you can forget everything you ever knew about Java and bytecodes, and really compile it.
  • Apache Talking IPv6  by Ibrahim Haddad and David Gordon
    Set up IPv6 access to your site now, and in 2008 you'll brag about the IPv6 web server you've had on the Net for five years.
  • Understand Quicksort with DDD  by Adam Monsen
    Improve your mind with an elegant, historic algorithm and your productivity with a powerful GUI debugging tool.
  • Power Sessions with Screen  by Adam Lazur
    Imagine starting a program from one remote system and resuming it from another. Imagine sharing a session with another user. You're imagining screen.





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