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by Heather Mead
Runtime Revolution 2.0

Runtime Revolution announced the release of Revolution 2.0, a multiplatform development tool. Revolution uses an interface builder, an English-like programming language and built-in internet and multimedia features, so users can write a single application that will run on any target OS. Features new to version 2.0 include a Jaguar-friendly interface, Unicode text entry and manipulation, spreadsheet/table text fields, a new XML library, new SOAP support, a new report printing engine, an integrated debugger including scripting support, improved database access on all platforms, Perl-compatible regular expressions, and MIDI music file-creation and playing tools.

Contact: Runtime Revolution Ltd., 91 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK EH2 1DJ,,

Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server

Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server (CPS) is a web content management system (CMS) implemented on top of Zope. CPS can be used to implement collaborative intranet, extranet or internet applications. In CPS, the generation of web pages and hierarchy structures are dynamic and rely on a separation of content, presentation of data and logic that applies it. Indexation and previewing of office automation documents in a variety of formats (StarOffice, OpenOffice, PDF, RTF, XML, etc.), an integrated search engine and meta directory, versioning and mailing lists are all available. CPS is free software that can be downloaded from the Nuxeo web site.

Contacti: Nuxeo 14, rue du Soleillet, Paris, France 75020,,

CommuniGate Pro Groupware

CommuniGate Pro Groupware messaging server offers e-mail, calendaring, scheduling and sharing capabilities. Targeted as enterprise-level use, the Groupware product can replace or run in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange and offers more stable and secure functionality. Groupware operates on 26 OSes, allowing them all to connect to one another through a message store and transport MAPI provider that composes and parses MIME messages. CommuniGate Pro Groupware supports SMTP, POP, IMAP, folder sharing, webmail, LDAP, S/MIME, mailing lists and spam/virus protection for connected clients.

Contact: Stalker Software, Inc., 655 Redwood Highway, Suite 275, Mill Valley, California 94941, 800-262-4722 (toll-free),,

QuickStart Kits

Ampro Computers and TimeSys have partnered to produce a series of certified, production-quality Linux distributions and development environments for the design and deployment of embedded real-time OEM devices. The first joint release, called a QuickStart Kit (QSK), is for Ampro's PowerPC ISA-based EnCore PP1 module. QSKs for MIPS and x86 boards and modules will follow. Each QuickStart Kit comes with a TimeSys Linux distribution with the OS, device drivers, GNU development tools, Windows (Cygwin) and Linux workstation development environments, a root filesystem (RFS) and a verified boot loader. In addition, QuickStart Kits include evaluation copies of Loadable Kernel Modules (LKMs) to add the real-time reservations capabilities of TimeSys Linux Real-Time, TimeSys Linux CPU and/or TimeSys Net.

Contact: Ampro Computers, Inc., 5215 Hellyer Avenue #110, San Jose, California 95138, 800 966-5200 (toll-free),

Xandros Desktop

Xandros has released the Xandros Desktop, a desktop environment developed by the former Corel Linux Business division team, which Xandros acquired in 2001. The main features of Xandros are compatibility, ease of use, high security and network updates. Xandros is interoperable with Windows, UNIX and Linux networks. File sharing between these systems also is possible. Desktop also features CodeWeaver's CrossOver technology so users can run Windows and Linux applications simultaneously. In addition, the five-step graphical installation program allows users to resize NTFS partitions.

Contact: Xandros, Inc., 41 East 11th Street, 11th Floor, New York, New York 10003,,

7160 Anything I/O Card

The 7160 is a standalone (no bus) version of the FPGA-based Anything I/O card series. It provides 96 I/O bits, and on four 50 pin connectors, 24 bits per connector. The connectors have I/O module rack-compatible pinouts. The 7160 also has two RS-485 serial ports and two RS-232 ports, one of which is used for downloading initial configurations to the on-card Flash EEPROM. Many I/O configuration files are provided, including both simple and smart remote I/O, 4- and 8-axis servo motion control and more. Available I/O interface daughter cards include an 8-channel RS-232/485 interface, a debug LED card, a 2-axis #A stepper motor driver and more.

Contact: MESA Electronics, 4175 Lakeside Drive, Suite 100, Richmond, California 94806,,

SuSE Openexchange Server

SuSE Linux announced the Openexchange Server, an all-in-one communications and groupware solution. Openexchange provides e-mail functions, web-mail clients, a central appointment and address management system, as well as project management and task planning tools in one application. A centrally controlled document management tool and group-based discussion forums are also supported. The Openexchange interface runs on common browsers, so users can access the services on all computer platforms, including Windows and Mac OS. The data synchronization feature allows information to be shared with PDAs.

Contact: SuSE Linux AG, Deutschherrnstr. 15-19, Nürnberg, Germany D-90429,,

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