What do you plan for your $99.99 HP TouchPad?

So BestBuy is having a fire sale on HP TouchPads, which HP is discontinuing, along with it's entire PC division: 16Gb units for $99.99 and 32Gb units for $149.99. Follow those links and you'll find both are already sold out online. (More at their FAQ.) But BestBuy won't be alone in this game. Tablets 4 Geeks just got real cheap, real fast. Get one for half your basic ATM withdrawal.

Next question: What will you do with it? Leave WebOS on it, or — what?


Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal


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Use it for travel apps

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Use it for travel apps development for http://bigtravelad.com, http://linotravel.com and http://triporiginator.com
A good smartphone app can be a traveller's best friend


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where i can buy it?

HP products are good in use.

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HP products are good in use. But I do not agree with that they are the best & cheap. So use of Linus can help you better. So I think u can take linus as a test basis then compare with HP products.

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"Half your basic ATM withdrawal"?

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Jesus Christ, am I the only one who's not a rich Silicon Valley kid??

I don't know anyone who's takin' 200 out the ATM In this economy... Come to think of it, not many of my friends took out that much before, either.

It's sweet

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I just got a Touchpad from ebay. I wanted a tablet and I think I will let it keep WebOS for now. My family uses Ubuntu at home so I am curious to see how porting it works on the Touchpad in the future.


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I have worked with HPs for over 10 years. They are the most cheaply designed pieces of crap. It's not worth 50 dollars. Or even 20 dollars for the amount of frustration they will cause you eventually. The time wasted trying to get Linux running on this hunk of junk will make users dislike Linux who are unfamiliar with Linux too. What would have been a better article, posting an installation walk-through so users can actually install a viable "tested" (keyword there - Tested) version of any disto that you guys could get to install and work successfully on it. Just a tip for next time.

HP Products

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I've used HP servers with Linux and their PCs with Linux for desktops in the past with no problem. Bought a well-endowed PC last year to run as a home server and although it it run the distro DVDs (several flavors) it gave up the ghost on firstboot in all but Centos and Fedora (they complained a lot but worked). Called HP to get info to help and the wonderful help desk person was polite, but had no clue.

Can you tell us where on

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Can you tell us where on Amazon?


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*** SOLD OUT ***

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Best Buy is sold out as of Sunday evening.

Kids will need to innovate, won't they?

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Bought two online from HP Canada to give to the kids. Maybe they will leave my Xoom tablet alone.
But I see a clear upgrade path for the Android ROM in the not to distant future. So if the kids want to upgrade their end of life product to the latest and greatest. Awesome.


chas's picture

Bought one EARLY this morning at Barnes & Noble. Let's hope they fill the order! Yesterday, went to a local Best Buy, was #8 in line, but they only had 7!


Where to buy?

Meatninja's picture

I really want to pick up a touchpad, especially after XDA announced they were making an android rom for it.

I saw some coupons for HP HERE but I'm not seeing anymore deals for the $85 touchpad :(

I picked up the 32GB version

Mark B's picture

I picked up the 32GB version today for $148 so I can read my digital only subscription to LJ. Lucky timing ..

I have no idea what I'll do

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I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I was able to snag one around 4pm, today (the 21st), on Amazon for $99, plus shipping & tax, which came out to $114 and some change. I've already got an iPad 2, but figured this would be good for the wife. It would be great if somebody could come up with an Android player for it. Supposedly, people are working on porting Android 3.x to it. Not sure if that will be an improvement, though, other than the increase in amount of apps. My wife probably won't need a ton of apps, anyway. I'm pretty stoked about it, though. $99 bucks!!

Need a direct Amazon link

Doc Searls's picture

Can you tell us where on Amazon?

When I look up TouchPad there I only find units in the $300 range.

Doc Searls is the Editor in Chief of Linux Journal

It was from a seller called

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It was from a seller called "onsale". They sold out, yesterday, however. Barnes & Noble had them until late last night, but sold out by the morning. Do fret, though, because HP is promising a second wave of Touchpads in the next few days. You might want to go to their website frequently or sign up on the "notify me" button, to receive an email when they become available.

Cheap e-reader & development unit

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First, I want an e-reader that approaches the size of a standard computer book, but which can hold thousands of them at once. A 9.7", sub-$100 TouchPad would beat most any dedicated e-reader, and yet have many other uses. (I stick to formats that I can use across multiple devices without special apps, like EPUB, MOBI, PRC, and -- if absolutely necessary -- PDF.)

Second, webOS is too good a smartphone OS to die off quickly. It'll be bought by someone if only for patent protection. Meanwhile, there are still plenty of folks who could use more apps, and the pool of developers is likely to take a big hit. Suddenly it's even easier to become a big fish in a smaller pond, and picking up a sophisticated development unit that doubles as my preferred e-reader sounds like an excellent deal.

I went to best buy yesterday

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I went to best buy yesterday 30 min after the post and they weren't selling the Hp touchpad. I was told Friday Hp came and collected them. Went onHP site and it was sold out

Hacking it?

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This is Good to know. I have yet to buy any tablet because of there lack of useably with out rooting the device first. But, with Linux Journal going all digital I'll need something to do my reading with while I'm sitting on my "throne" and at this price I would buy one if I could get a real copy of Linux on there, either with a duel boot or in a chroot.

Has anyone heard of a project that might have accomplished getting Debian or Arch or some other real copy of Linux on it? If so, can you share a link.

Everything you ever need to know about Free Software.


Newspapercrane's picture

There is a project to get Ubuntu installed on the thing. Apparently it's a little buggy, and the program support isn't there yet, but they've got a proof of concept, and the instructions are already out there.


That was exactly the sort of

metalx2000's picture

That was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks!

Everything you ever need to know about Free Software.

Making the touchpad hackable

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Making the touchpad hackable is probably the best strategy for HP! They should be encouraged to make it open source.