Tomorrow's Army Will Run Linux

The U.S. Army is always looking for a better way to do the things it does, and increasingly, the better way is paved with technology. Regardless of how you feel about what they intend it to do, it's exciting to know that it will be Linux that leads the way.

According to a special report from the Washington Post, the U.S. Army and Boeing are currently engaged in a cooperative project to bring the military into the digital age, big time. The system — which already runs to almost sixty four million lines of code — will allow real-time wireless communication, video conferences, remote control of unmanned combat drones, fire laser-guided missiles, and quite a bit more. In fact, the Army is so sure of what it's building that they're planning new vehicles with less armor, because the troops won't need it with the power the new systems will provide.

The best part — from our perspective — is that it won't run Windows. The Army said it didn't want to leave the defense of the free world in Microsoft's clutches, so they've decided to go with Linux. All Microsoft could muster was a "no comment."

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