Tibbo Technology's Tibbo Project System

The motto for the Tibbo Project System (TBS) is "Take what you need. Leave out what you don't." TPS, winner of a red dot Design Award, is Tibbo Technology's highly configurable and affordable automation platform featuring miniature blocks that implement specific I/O features. Need a certain I/O function? Install the respective Tibbit. No use for something? Skip it. Tibbo Technology argues that this module-based approach saves users money by allowing precise definition of the features in automation controllers.

Tibbo's latest complement to TBS is a Linux-based Tibbo Project PCB (LTPP). The new LTPP3 board runs Tibbo's own, highly polished and updated distribution of Linux and is based on the powerful Texas Instruments 1GHz Cortex-A8 Sitara CPU. What sets the LTPP3 apart from plain vanilla products, such as Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone, is its mechanical and electrical compatibility with Tibbo's Tibbit blocks and size-3 Tibbo Project Box enclosures. Uses for the LTPP3 include running Embedded AggreGate, Node.js and TiOS applications, not to mention use as a generic Linux board.

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