SUSE Enterprise Storage

The conundrum for many enterprise-level businesses is that the demand for data storage is significantly outpacing the shrinking price for storage. The upshot for many is that budgets for storage are growing faster than data demands. Fortunately SUSE wants to reduce your storage costs, which is why it released the new SUSE Enterprise Storage 3.

SUSE's updated intelligent software-defined storage solution is touted as the first commercially supported solution based on the Jewel release of CephFS, which enables enterprises to transform storage infrastructure to reduce costs while providing unlimited scalability. SUSE Enterprise Storage users can transform their storage infrastructure and seamlessly adapt new technologies using cost-efficient, resilient and redundant storage infrastructures on commodity hardware.

Other innovations in version 3 include multisite object replication to ensure replication at distance for improved disaster recovery and a new framework to simplify management by providing the foundation for an advanced GUI management tool (using openATTIC).

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