Stay of execution for Internet radio

by Doc Searls

Says here that Internet radio is about to get a reprieve. We've been covering the fight between the RIAA and webcasters for many years, going back to the DMCA, which left working out webcasting royalties pretty much unfinished. (That was ten years ago, almost to the month, as I recall. Need to check on that.)

Meanwhile, wondering what ya'll tihnk, before we dig into it further.

UPDATE: The bill webcasters wanted has passed.

It's a reprieve. If you read the text, you'll see that the main change is a new deadline for settlement: February 15, 2009.

You can gather from the tone of the leading webcaster, Pandora (see last link above), that there is reason for optimism.

I talked recently to Tim Westergren, who co-founded and runs Pandora, about the Whole Situation, and he sounded both very heads-down and optimistic about What Can Be Done. That's what this Wired piece says, too.