"Spam King" Escapee Murders Wife & Child, Injures Neighbor, Kills Self

Eddie Davidson, the 35-year-old man sent to prison in April for mass spamming, escaped from a minimum-security federal prison in Colorado on the 20th by forcing his visiting wife into their car and speeding off before authorities could respond. U.S. Marshals, assisted by the FBI, Colorado authorities, and — for unexplained reasons — the IRS, have been searching for him for the past five days, a search that has tragically ended with the discovery of his suicide, along with the murder of his wife and child.

Local sheriff's deputies responded to reports of gunshots at the couple's former home, along with separate reports from a neighbor's home of a teenager who arrived with gunshot wounds. Arriving at the scene, deputies found Davidson's body — with obvious self-inflicted gunshot wounds — lying next to his murdered wife, Amy Hill. Inside the couple's SUV — the vehicle used in the escape — deputies found the couple's three-year-old daughter, also shot by Davidson. Their infant son was also found in the rear of the SUV, inexplicably unharmed.

The wounded teen girl — whom neighbors believe to be the daughter of one of the couple — was rushed to the hospital; her condition is currently unknown, but it has been revealed that she was able to speak with police when they arrived at the scene. Authorities don't currently believe anyone else is involved, either in perpetrating the crimes or as a victim.

The question immediately raised in our minds is, of course, how did this happen? Beyond the shock associated with the bizarreness of the matter — a white-collar criminal escaping from a less-than-two year sentence then going on to commit a double-murder, apparently intended to be a triple or possibly even quadruple murder, and his own suicide — one has to wonder, where were the police? Wouldn't it have made sense to have someone watching the couple's former home, especially since they already believed the couple had gone there once? Why wasn't this man arrested by a stake-out team as soon as he got out of the car?

Once again, a senseless crime for which there will probably never be an answer.

Special thanks to IRC user MrGomez for bringing this to our attention.
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