SCO President Jumps Ship

The SCO Group — the cast of comedians responsible for the anti-Linux lawsuits against IBM and Novell — has been slowly sinking since 2002, when they filed the first of the infamous lawsuits. The descent sped up when they filed for bankruptcy in September, and now it appears the rats are finally deserting the bilges.

According to paperwork filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 12th, Sandeep Gupta, President of SCO Operations and it's Chief Operations Officer, has resigned, and will be leaving the company on January 4th. Jeff Hunsaker, previously the general manager of SCO's mobile subsidiary, Me Inc., has been handed the reins effective December 18th, though in SCO's case, it's more like the water-bailing bucket.

How long Mr. Hunsaker will stick around, and whether we should expect a flood of deserting SCO executives remains to be seen.

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