PHP 7.4.0beta1 Released, HypriotOS 1.11.0 Now Available, ALA Asks LinkedIn Learning to Change Terms of Service that Jeopardize Privacy Rights, Red Hat Announces RHEL 8.1 Beta and The Forbidden Arts Coming to Linux

News briefs for July 25, 2019.

PHP 7.4.0beta1 has been released, marking the first beta of PHP 7.4. Go here to see the list of changes, and go here to download. Note that this is an early test version and not intended for use in production. The next release, Beta 2, is scheduled for August 8th.

HypriotOS 1.11.0, "the fastest way to get Docker up and running on any Raspberry Pi", is now available. This release features the latest Docker 19.03.0 Community Edition, is up to date with Raspbian Lite Buster and includes support for the entire Raspberry Pi family and more. See the release notes for further details.

The American Library Association urges LinkedIn Learning to change terms of service that impact user privacy rights. From the press release: "LinkedIn Learning—formerly, a platform used by libraries to provide online learning opportunities to library users—plans to make substantial changes to its terms of service that would significantly impair library users' privacy rights. Under LinkedIn Learning's new terms of service, a library cardholder will need to create a LinkedIn profile in order to access LinkedIn Learning. In addition to providing their library card number and PIN, users will have to disclose their full name and email address to create a new LinkedIn profile or connect to their existing profile. New users will have their LinkedIn profile set to public by default, allowing their full name to be searched on Google and LinkedIn."

Red Hat announces the availability of Red Hat Enterprise 8.1 beta. This release "improves manageability, adds new security enhancements and enables greater developer productivity. This release also includes updated drivers that deliver new features and bug fixes for supported hardware platforms."

The Forbidden Arts an action adventure platformer is coming to Linux. GamingOnLinux reports that the game is in Early Access on Steam with a release planned for Windows next month. The estimated release date for Linux is Q4 2019. The GamingOnLinux post notes that this game is interesting in that it combines 2D and 3D gameplay in one game: "As you explore dungeons you get the 2D platforming, while the world map has you run around in a 3D world."

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