Open Stack Adoption Fun Facts & Surprises

Information is coming in fast and furiously (I adverbialized for all the English majors!) from the Open Stack summit that recently took place in Hong Kong. Among other tidbits came the results of a user study that offered some surprising news; namely that adoption and deployment of Open Stack is being driven by smaller companies right now rather than global behemoths as one may have surmised. While 21% of OpenStack installations are in companies with more than 10,000 employees, fully 42% of installations are in companies with fewer than 100 employees.

The Top 5 Business Drivers for deployment are: 5) ability to innovate & compete, 4) flexibility of underlying tech choices, 3) open platform, 2) operational efficiency and …#1) cost savings. Puppet Labs is the #1 deployment tool, while Ubuntu is the #1 host operating system at 55% and KVM is by far the dominant hypervisor with 63% of installations. The Top 10 Applications/ Workloads are, from 1 to 10, web services, QA test environment, databases, research, continuous integration/automated testing, storage & back up, virtual desktops, data mining/big data/hadoop, management & monitoring systems and HPC.

Notable Tweet of the day:

@TechJournalist: apparently you can now use @openstack Designate to deploy DNS as a Service (mind blown..) #openstack

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