No, Linus Can't Come To the Phone Right Now

It's always fun when Linus Torvalds — the originator and Grand High Developer of the Linux kernel — grants an interview, an altogether not-too-common occurrence, to be sure. On the occasion of Australia's, the Great One has granted an audience to Computerworld, and the results proved rather interesting.

The interview includes the usual smattering of questions — what's the hardest part of maintaining the kernel, what new features can we expect, what are your thoughts on the available distributions. Interesting to note was that while Linus is a KDE user, he hasn't adopted KDE4 just yet, preferring to take a more Ubuntu-like stance on the release. He's also not particularly hot on virtualization, doesn't like to make speeches, and is glad the conference didn't have a dunk tank.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation of the interview, though, is that Linus doesn't have a cell phone. With all the rush these days to bring Linux and mobile together, it's astounding that the big man himself doesn't even have a handset to hack.

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