Mozilla's On The Lookout For Experienced Exterminators

The news these days is all about Firefox — including the recently-released Beta 2 of Firefox 3 a.k.a Gran Paridiso — but Mozilla is already on the move prepping for it's next greatest innovation, and they need some help.

Mozilla is seeking experienced pre-beta testers to join a new pre-release testing community. They're quick to point out this is not a project for the faint-of-heart: We would really like folks who do advanced web development using HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript (AJAX), CSS, XML, Plugins (Flash, QuickTime). If you develop widely deployed web applications or web application frameworks (especially those used in intranet environments) we are very interested in making sure that updates to Firefox do not break your code. Those who believe they fit the criteria are welcome to apply through Mozilla's secure website.

For those of us who don't quite meet the pre-beta qualifications but would like to do our part to help out, the good people at Mozilla are quick to point out the myriad of options available for users at all skill levels, available through the Mozilla Quality portal.

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