More Fury from the SFLC

If the number of lawsuits filed defines the worth of a client, then the Software Freedom Law Center must be courting the developers of BusyBox with champagne and caviar. Having already filed and settled suits against a gaggle of GPL-infringing companies — including communications giant Verizon — they've now started a new round, targeting Bell Microproducts, Inc. and Super Micro Computer, Inc.

As usual, Erik Andersen and Rob Landley — the primary developers of Busybox — are named as plaintiffs in the two suits, filed in the Southern District of New York division of U.S. District Court. According to the SFLC, the cases are carbon copies of the previous suits, with attempts by the Center to bring the infringement to the defendants attention and resolve the matter ignored completely, forcing the matter into the courts. If things continue along the established track, both companies will settle within the next few months, and will make Tammy Faye Bakker-esque pronouncements of their love for Open Source and their abhorrence of GPL infringement.

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