Microsoft's Software Screws User Files, Again

A little more than two weeks ago, we brought you the news that Microsoft's FolderShare — an application intended to sync files on multiple systems — was deleting user's files instead of syncing them. Now, Big Evil is again in the news, with the announcement that using Windows Home Server is corrupting user's files.

The issue — which was announced anonymously December 20th on the Home Server Blog — appears to occur when users edit files stored on WHS with any of a host of popular applications. Microsoft hasn't specified the cause of the problem, only identifying it as "a recently discovered problem with Windows Home Server shared folders and with certain programs." Until they figure it out, Microsoft recommends users not use the identified programs to edit or save files — essentially, to stop using most of their most heavily-used programs until further notice.

Included in the list of file corrupters are several of Microsoft's Vista and Windows Live products, as well as both of Intuit's popular financial packages, and even the flagship Outlook email client. Rest assured, however, that Microsoft's cracked — er, crack — team is "working full time through the holidays to diagnose and address this issue."

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