MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 Now Available, Pulumi Announces Pulumi Crosswalk for AWS, KDE Launches Plasma 5.16, IBM Announces Its List of Women Pioneers for AI in Business and Microway Provides Clemson University with an NVIDIA DGX-2 Supercomputer

News briefs for June 11, 2019.

MariaDB today announces the release of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4, "code-named 'Restful Nights' for the peace of mind it brings enterprise customers". The press release notes that this version "is a new, hardened and secured Server (different from MariaDB Community Server aka MariaDB Server) and has never been available before. MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 includes features not available in the community version that are focused on solving enterprise customer needs, providing them with greater reliability, stability and long-term support in production environments."

Pulumi today announces the availability of Pulumi Crosswalk for Amazon Web Services, "an open source framework that streamlines defining and deploying modern AWS applications and infrastructure with built-in AWS Best Practices. Using Pulumi Crosswalk, cloud engineers -- including developers, operators and teams -- are able to use familiar programming languages and tools to take ideas to production more productively and safely while bypassing many of the traditional barriers to modern cloud engineering." Go here to learn more about Pulumi Crosswalk and try it for free.

KDE today launches the latest version of its desktop environment, Plasma 5.16. This release features many changes, such as a completely rewritten notification system including a Do Not Disturb Mode, themes have been greatly improved, widgets have been modernized, and now when any app accesses your microphone, and icon appears in the system tray to warn you. In addition, "Plasma 5.16 is also spectacular to look at, with our new wallpaper called Ice Cold. Designed by Santiago Cézar, it is the winner of a contest with more than 150 entries." See the Release Announcement and Complete Changelog for all the details.

IBM today announces the first recipients and list of global women leaders and pioneers in AI for business. From the press release: "The list recognizes and celebrates women across a variety of industries and geographies for pioneering the use of AI to advance their companies in areas such as innovation, growth, and transformation." Go here to learn more about the pioneering women in AI.

Microway announces it has provided an NVIDIA DGX-2 supercomputer to Clemson University. From the press release: "The system deploys with NVIDIA's Deep Learning software—and was ready to train models immediately after installation. DGX-2's NGC software stack was installed by Microway experts and supports all major AI frameworks as well as offers containers for a variety of HPC applications." At Clemson, the DGX-2 will "empower researchers in disciplines such as computational math, statistics, operations research, and mechanical and industrial engineering to analyze vast datasets with exceptional ease. Initial projects include research on medical imaging, drone control, autonomous driving, and ocean dynamics. The resource will be available to all faculty, staff, and students." For more information, see this post on Newsstand.

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