List of accepted organizations released for Google Summer of Code 2011

Google has released the list of organisations that are accepted into this year's Google Summer of Code.

Google Summer of Code is a world-wide program that encourages students to participate in coding Open Source software by offering a paid stipend for participation in the project. Students are paired with a mentor from one of the registered projects. 

The project started in 2005, and has sponsored over 4500 students to work with 3000 mentors in 100 countries. Some students had never participated in Open Source development before the project; others are able to use the stipend as a means to focus on contributing to their projects full-time over the summer period. Students gain experience in what it's like to engage in real-world software development and skills to help them find employment after their studies. Participating projects have the opportunity to recruit developers to continue contributing to the project after SoC is over, and benefit from the Open Source code that is produced during the program.

Google sponsored 1026 students in 2010, and expect the number to be higher in 2011. The program is currently accepting student applications - head on over to and apply!



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