Linspire to Get the Chop

Xandros — the new owners of Linspire — have been busy the last few weeks, and it seems most of their time has been spent with a scythe. Last week, it was Ubuntu meeting the block, now this week, it's Linspire — the company they just paid untold millions for.

Of course, it's not unusual for conglomerates to buy up other companies — especially competitors — and then send their products packing, but everything coming out of Xandros HQ barely a month ago said Linspire would be sticking around. To quote Xandros PR: "Pending further planning, at this point both product lines will be maintained." Apparently, Xandros has put planning into overdrive, because they've now decided that Linspire has seen it's last hurrah, as going forward, Xandros will be the company's distro-of-choice, and anything retained from Linspire will be merged in. Of course, given that the base for Xandros will be Freespire, that's hardly a surprise.

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