Lenovo Sidesteps It's Way to Linux-Liquidation

If we had a nickel for everytime a half-truth eminated from the corporate world, we'd probably be able to buy quite a bit of it. That doesn't make it any less disappointing, however, when the half-truths are about Linux, from a Linux vendor. Such is the case this week, as Lenvo denied, then confirmed the end to their consumer Linux offerings.

The episode began on Monday when reports emerged that Lenovo had removed all pre-installed Linux offerings from its offerings, reportedly less than a year since first offering them. A Lenovo spokesman quickly denied the reports, saying the company "is not abandoning its commitment to choice of operating system, and actually is increasing the role of the Linux operating system in Lenovo's product portfolio." There was just enough room for doublespeak, though, to leave one wondering about the veracity of the denials.

Good cause appeared on Tuesday, as it was revealed that the company confirmed to Practical Technology that it was indeed ending its pre-installed Linux offerings for most customers, leaving options available for large commercial and government purchases, as well as a Linux-loaded IdeaPad netbook — which will only be availabe outside the United States. So much for "expanding" their "Linux portfolio."

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