Jolicloud's Jolibook Netbook Hitting Stores


Jolicloud, the self-proclaimed "perfect OS for netbooks," has been making headlines for a while with their consumer-focused, and frankly very cute Jolibook netbook.  Word all around the web is that it is available today in the UK.

According to CrunchGear the technical specs are as follows: 

  •  Intel Atom N550 processor (1.5 GHz, dual-core)
  • 250GB hard drive
  •  10.1″ screen
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • Jacks for mic, headphones, LAN and an external monitor

What interests us here at Linux Journal is that this latest netbook offering, if successful, could mark a return to Linux-based consumer netbooks.  When Asus first debuted their EeePC, the Linux world rejoiced at the possibility of widespread consumer adoption of Linux.  Indeed, Linux was the preferred OS of the netbook manufactures for a short time, but was predictably pushed aside with the introduction of Windows 7.  But, as cloud computing has gone from tech conference buzzword to something my mother talks about, and as consumers rely more and more on web applications like Facebook, Google Apps and others, a product like the Jolibook could bring back some of the Linux netbook momentum.

I have not yet tried Jolicloud's OS, but then I am really not their primary target audience.  Jolicloud is is presented as a hassle-free, fun, web application driven OS for everyone, and not really geared toward the power Linux user. 

If you've taken Jolicloud for a spin, let me know how it was.  Will this be the Linux netbook for the masses?

Katherine Druckman, a self-described Drupal fangirl, is the Director of Digital Experience at Linux Journal. She’s an HTML-flinging, PHP-hacking ​webmistress by day, and a refined connoisseur of historic architecture and fine Chinese ceramics by night. She usually can be found surrounded by the charm of aging Texas buildings from the pioneer days or appreciating ceramics of the Song and Qing dynasties.

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