FOSS Project Spotlight: Daylight Linux Version 3

Daylight Linux is the only official distribution for the Raspberry Pi to work with the Fluxbox interface. With Fluxbox, Daylight Linux is one of the lightest and fastest distributions for all Raspberry Pi models.

Many programs, games and system tools were developed during a long year of work in Python 3 to create version 3.

Daylight Linux

Figure 1. The System at Boot

The system works with autologin, but you also can use these login/passwords: "root"/"toor" and "Daylight"/"toor".

Daylight Linux

Figure 2. The Daylight Linux Menu

Daylight Linux

Figure 3. The Daylight Linux Desktop with System Information

Daylight Linux

Figure 4. The Daylight Linux File Manager

A live version also is available for computers. This version aims to provide Debian-based Linux with the lightness of Daylight Linux.

Daylight Linux version 3 runs on all Raspberry Pi models, and it's based on Debian Buster. Visit the official website for more information and to download.

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