Firefox Sees Market Share Spikes

The browser wars are still alive and well, and for the Number One Contender — the illustrious Firefox browser from Mozilla — it's been a pretty good month.

The battle for market share is a constant and ever-changing one, with all-but-inexplicable drops followed by near-instant rebounds and new players constantly popping onto — and off of — the field. The two biggest names in the game, however, are the perennial pair, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, which have — in one way or another — been fighting for supremacy for well over a decade. In the last month, however, the proprietary giant — which routinely clinches 71% to 75% of the market — fell below 71% at least twelve times, while Firefox jumped above the oft-sought 20% mark on eight occasions.

Given that Firefox released the eagerly-anticipated Firefox 3 just over a month ago — and launched the downloadathon that went with it — it's not surprising that things are looking up, with Firefox 3 already grabbing just under 7% of the market. All in all, the Firefox family has gained nearly 3% since last month's release, while that other browser has lost more than 4% — a pair of trends we certainly hope will continue.

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