Firefox 3 Bruhaha Turns Blue

Firefox 3 has had it's share of troubles lately, and the most recent set — which included an article in Thursday's New York Times — took a turn for the R-rated yesterday as Mozilla's Director of Community Development described the claims in the Times article as "horseshit."

The article, written by Gregg Keizer, an IDG analyst, claimed that 80% of the bugs in Firefox 3 would not be resolved before it is released. The claim apparently originated from now-redacted meeting notes released by Mozilla which included a proposal to cut "the rest of the 'blockers' (80% ?)." ["Blockers" are issues that are bad enough to warrant postponing a release.]

Keizer's claims were responded to in a blog post by Asa Dotzler, Mozilla's Director of Community Development, which included the "horseshit" label. Dotzler went on to note that over 11,000 bugs had already been corrected and that the blockers in question number only around 700.

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