EXTRA: Shawn Powers Hot!

Breaking News has just learned from an inside source that Linux Journal Associate Editor and LinuxJournal.com Gadget Guy Shawn Powers is, in fact, hot.

Powers, often considered the "face" of LinuxJournal.com due to his frequent and — more often than not — semi-psychotic video submissions, was nominated for the Hot Blogger Calendar by one or more unnamed individuals, suspected to operate from within the East-Central Texas area. The voting — which began at midnight last night — has seen Powers rocket to the top of the several dozen candidates, quickly taking the fourth-place position, well ahead of the fifth place contestant. Also notable is his placement above former-Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, with nearly double the number of votes cast for the sixth-placer.

Belltown Media, publisher of Linux Journal and de-facto enabler of Powers' videographic antics, said in a press statement that it was unaware of Powers' hotness but was "excited" by the revelation. Powers' colleague Katherine Druckman — suspiciously similarly-named to the fifth place contestant — expressed surprise at his placement above Wheaton: "Really? He's ahead of friggin' Wesley Crusher?"

Breaking News will continue to monitor the situation and will provide hotness updates as they become available. Voting in the contest continues through August 31st.

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