Elizabeth K. Joseph and Matt Fischer's Common OpenStack Deployments

Public and private clouds typically are built and integrated using OpenStack technology. Professionals seeking guidance on this important topic should investigate Elizabeth K. Joseph and Matthew Fischer's new book Common OpenStack Deployments, which its publisher, Prentice Hall, describes as "a complete, practical guide to deploying OpenStack and understanding its internals".

The authors share up-to-date, detailed strategies for deploying OpenStack on both virtual and physical servers, as well for using OpenStack to address any real-world challenge. Joseph and Fischer begin the book by covering OpenStack concepts and components by guiding the reader through small-scale, virtualized deployments. Later, readers learn how to build large, horizontally scalable infrastructures that integrate multiple components in a feature-rich cloud environment. Sprinkled throughout the book is current coverage of enhancements that make the OpenStack platform more mature and production-ready, plus expert tips on debugging and growth. Finally, the authors explain the broader OpenStack ecosystem, illustrating how to drive value through hybrid clouds blending local and hosted solutions.

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