The Doors are Open on openSUSE 11.0

For all the Novell fans out there who have been waiting with baited breath to get their hands on the latest and greatest offering from openSUSE, your wish came true yesterday as version 11.0 ventured into the light of day.

Among the features offered up in the latest release include the choice of GNOME 2.22, both KDE 3.5 & 4, or Xfce, as well as having Compiz Fusion default on 11.0 installs. Also included is Firefox 3.0 — Beta 5 for now, with an update to Tuesday's final release provided via online update — the equally-fresh Banshee 1.0, OpenOffice 2.4, while in the boiler room is the 2.6.25 Linux kernel. Interested parties can pick up a copy from the openSUSE download site.

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