The Countdown is on for the Content Cup

Do you love content management? Really love it? Is your favorite CMS all you can think about? If so, then get ready, because the 2008 Open Source CMS Award race is out of the gate and headed for the backstretch.

This year's award, the third annual, broken up into the usual four categories — Most Promising Open Source CMS, Best Open Source PHP CMS, Best Other Open Source CMS, and Overall Best Open Source CMS — plus a new entry for 2008, Open Source CMS MVP. While the standard set are fairly self-explanatory, the newbie on the block is a bit more opaque; the MVP Award will go to an individual, as an acknowledgment of all the contributions made behind the scenes that don't get the recognition they deserve.

The contest, sponsored by Packt Publishing, boasts $20,000 in prizes, with a win, place, and show for each category — though the prize details for the MVP aren't immediately obvious. Nominations are already open for each category, so be sure to put in a good word for the CMS you love — and of course, for the people behind the scenes that keep it nice and shiny.

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