Chasing Carrots' Pressure Overdrive

A "funky, four-wheeled shoot 'em up" is how independent game-developer Chasing Carrots describes its newest game release Pressure Overdrive for Linux, Mac OS, Windows and Xbox. Shifting to a higher gear from its high-octane 2013 predecessor, Pressure, Pressure Overdrive seeks a wider audience with a fast-paced mix of humor and action, classic couch co-op fun and constant car crashes in colorful environments.

Pressure Overdrive takes players on a wild ride as they fight against the evil Count Soap, who has stolen the water out of nearby surrounding rivers to fill his gigantic "Uber-Spa". As pilots of steam-powered and heavily armed buggies, players must ram and blast their way through hordes of wacko enemies, including a string of powerful bosses. Between missions, players bling up their ride with a variety of upgrades and customization options.

Other novelties in Pressure Overdrive include a new twin stick control scheme, additional weapons, new upgrade paths, an endless mode and couch co-op for playing with friends. Rounding out the new feature set is a new tutorial level that helps players ease themselves into the game.

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