BeOS - The King of Recycling

With the current trend towards recycling, conservation, and "green" PCs -- BeOS has the ability to save tons of computers from the landfills. It's really just a matter of logic. What runs best on hardware from the early 90's? Well, an operating system from the early 90's of course!

"Really, it's just a matter of ignorance." Says Arnie McDougal, landfill coordinator for the Arizona Municipal Waste Department. "If software companies would only look at the Pentium I computers we get daily, they'd see the untapped marketplace just begging to be filled."

Let's look at some of the advantages BeOS offers:

* Optimized for 486 instruction codes
* Runs exclusively on legacy hardware
* Low memory footprint
* Tried and true applications, which haven't needed a patch in over a decade!
* Backwards compatibility with 386, and even 286 hardware
* Stylish 1990's color schemes
* Support for ISA expansion cards

BeOS is more than just an operating system. It's a choice. A choice for the future, and a choice for the environment. So the next time you're at the landfill looking for computers, dont' forget: Go Green! Go BeOS!

BeOS - The King of Recycling

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