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First Linux Journal

The 200th issue of Linux Journal is rapidly approaching, and we'd like to take this opportunity for everyone to learn a bit more about some of the people who've helped make LJ possible for so many years. If you're a longtime subscriber, please fill out the form on this page by September 10, 2010.

We will randomly select ten subscribers who participate, and send the
"winners" a free T-shirt.

Jill Franklin is an editorial professional with more than 17 years experience in technical and scientific publishing, both print and digital. As Executive Editor of Linux Journal, she wrangles writers, develops content, manages projects, meets deadlines and makes sentences sparkle. She also was Managing Editor for TUX and Embedded Linux Journal, and the book Linux in the Workplace. Before entering the Linux and open-source realm, she was Managing Editor of several scientific and scholarly journals, including Veterinary Pathology, The Journal of Mammalogy, Toxicologic Pathology and The Journal of Scientific Exploration. In a previous life, she taught English literature and composition, managed a bookstore and tended bar. When she’s not bugging writers about deadlines or editing copy, she throws pots, gardens and reads.

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