Amateur Radio forums, now with tech support! (I hope)

by David Lane
Tux Ham

Have you ever had that question, the one that you just know someone else has solved, but you cannot figure out the right words to put into the query so that Google will spit back the right answer? Or worse, you just know deep down inside that someone has not only wrestled with the problem, but solved it and they just never got around to writing up the solution and posting it somewhere for everyone to see?

If, like me, you hate documentation, especially when it comes to resolving your own problems, this fast becomes a real issue. And while I certainly do not have a silver bullet that will help you with your documentation issues, where it comes to matters of Amateur Radio and Linux, I might be able to provide you with a sounding board.

A couple of days ago, I received a Letter to the Editor with just such a question. The type that needs an answer, but that I certainly could not answer. So I created a forum post with the question and I now ask for your help! And I promise I will only ask once! From here on, you should check out the virtual ham shack postings!

Got a question? Got an answer? Give and give back! We are all in this together!

UPDATE: And that is how it works! Thanks to Russ, K5TUX for posting a possible answer (and all the great stuff he and Richard do at Linux in the Hamshack!).

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