Is Adobe Spying On Us Too?

A little over a month ago, Apple roused the torch-and-pitchfork crowd when it was discovered that Apple products were reporting back to the software giant on user's activities. Now Adobe has joined the spyring, with reports surfacing Wednesday that Adobe products are secretly sending user data to a third party.

The disclosure came in a post by Dan Moren on UNEASYsilence, a self-described "geeky news" blog. Moren reported that he discovered that Adobe's InDesign CS3, running on his Mac, was connecting to host identified as "," which he discovered is a website owned by analytics giant Omniture. To many observers, the address appears to be deliberately designed to resemble an IP address in the 192.168 block, which is normally reserved for internal use.

Especially given the announcement last month that Adobe will begin offering integration with Yahoo! ads, one has to wonder just what kind of data Adobe is tracking on its users, and how they plan to use it.

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