Linux Journal Contents #68, December 1999

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #68/December 1999




  • X-ISP  by Ibrahim Haddad
    The purpose of this article is to introduce the readers to X-ISP.
  • MultiFax  by Marcel Gagné
    Psst! Want to create a Windows broadcast fax system with web-based administration using Linux? Come over here and we'll talk.
  • Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc.  by Craig Knudsen
    Hell's Kitchen Systems, Inc. (HKS) started in 1994 in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan and moved to Pittsburgh in 1997. Their flagship product is CCVS, a commercial credit card processing system.
  • Guido van Rossum  by Phil Hughes
    Phil and Guido stroll through the waterfront at Monterey and discuss Python.
  • Free Clues from Eric  by Doc Searls
    Doc talks to Eric Raymond about what he has been up to lately.




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