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by Ellen Dahl
DupliDisk RAIDcase

Arco Computer Products, Inc. announced the DupliDisk RAIDcase, a real-time backup device offering PC users a simple and convenient way to maintain an exact, up-to-the-minute duplicate of their IDE hard drives. With the DupliDisk RAIDcase, any PC user can now have the security of a redundant drive that can take over instantly in the event of a disk crash. It requires no device drivers, is essentially OS-independent, and has been tested with systems running Linux among other platforms. Manufacturer's SRP is $435 US.

Contact: ARCO Computer Products, Inc., 2750 North 29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020, 954 925-2688, 954 925-2889 (fax),,

REALTIME Product Suite

Advanced Management Solutions (AMS) announced its AMS REALTIME software on Linux, an enterprise project management suite that can support thousands of users without sacrificing performance. The AMS REALTIME products are ODBC-compliant and cross-platform compatible, providing a consistent look and feel to all users and allowing seamless data interchange. Contact AMS for details pricing.

Contact: Advanced Management Solutions, 800-397-6829,,


Aplio, Inc. announced its first IP Phone appliance for the SOHO and small business market. Aplio/PRO is a low-cost, easy-to-use stand-alone telephony device that routes telephone calls through the Internet, allowing users to make free calls anywhere in the world without a computer. It connects to the Internet using any existing Ethernet connection and plugs into a regular telephone, delivering state-of-the-art Internet telephony with superior sound quality. SRP is $299 US per unit.

Contact: Aplio, Inc., 1250 Bayhill Drive, Suite 201, San Bruno, CA 94066, 888-642-7546, 650-794-2759 (fax),,

OpenLinux 2.3

Caldera Systems, Inc. shipped OpenLinux 2.3, the latest release of its OpenLinux distribution. OpenLinux 2.3 provides remote mass installation capabilities and has been Y2K tested. It is based on the 2.2.10 kernel and includes an improved LIZARD (LInux wiZARD) install with faster autoprobing. The package retails for $49.95 US and contains several updated features and commercial applications. Those who purchased OpenLinux 2.2 may upgrade to 2.3 for $19.95 US.

Contact: Caldera Systems, Inc., 240 West Center Street, Orem, UT 84057, 888-465-4689, 801-765-1313 (fax),,

Clustor 2.0

Active Tools unveiled a new version of Clustor 2.0 with a greatly expanded set of application programming interface commands for software developers. It implements a job distribution engine with API commands that allow one to incorporate Clustor easily within other applications. The Clustor 2.0 Bundle with one Clustor Root license and five Clustor Nodes licenses starts at $1995 US. Contact Active Tools for price quotes on custom configuration. A CD-ROM and/or printed manuals may be purchased for $20 US each. Free evaluation downloads are available from the web site.

Contact: Active Tools Inc., 246 First St., Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94105, 415-882-7062, 415-680-2369 (fax),,

V2.0 GNUPro Dev Kit for Linux

Cygnus Solutions announced an enhanced version of its GNUPro Toolkit for Linux application developers. GNUPro Dev Kit speeds up development time and generates greater software performance with pre-built binaries for easier installation and compiler optimizations for Pentium processor-based systems. New features include the ability to produce code optimized for Intel Pentium processors; extended C++ language support; an improved GUI installer; and a graphical debugger which now supports the debugging of multithreaded code. The GNUPro Dev Kit for Linux is priced at $79 US per copy.

Contact: Cygnus Solutions, 1325 Chesapeake Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, 408-542-9600, 408-542-9699 (fax),,

FortranPlus Explorer

N.A. Software Ltd. introduced their new FortranPlus Explorer pack. FortranPlus Version 2 provides full Fortran95 language, Fortran2000 extensions, OpenGL graphics compatibility and backwards compatibility extensions. The Explorer pack includes the full Version 2 compiler, GUI-based source level debugger and on-line documentation. Introductory single user prices for the Explorer pack, PC Linux version, are <\#163>95 pounds sterling/$150 US including VAT and shipping. Prices apply to PC (Intel processor or compatible) versions only. Multiple licenses are available.

Contact: N.A. Software Ltd., 62 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 9DW, United Kingdom, +44-0-151-709-4738, +44-0-51-709-5645 (fax),,

ICEbox DS 2000, TA 2000 and NAS 1000

LAND-5 Corporation now provides an assortment of fault-tolerant disk RAID arrays and network-attached storage solutions for Linux resellers, developers and integrators. The “plug and play” ICEbox RAID and JBOD storage systems offer economical solutions for on-line mission-critical environments. The ICEbox DS 2000, a compact rack-mountable disk RAID storage system, performs parallel reads and writes on up to eighteen spindles and is scalable to several terabytes of on-line storage. For high-speed archiving, the ICEbox TA 2000, a high-performance tape RAID array can hold up to 1.6 terabytes of RAID 3 storage. The ICEbox NAS 1000 combines disk and tape technologies in the same chassis with up to 180GB of native storage or 144GB of RAID 5 disk storage with local tape backup. Disk RAID arrays can be purchased from $8,364 US, tape RAID arrays from $18,000 US, JBOD configurations start under $6,000 US, and network attached storage solutions are priced from $7,000 US.

Contact: LAND-5 Corporation, 9747 Business Park Avenue, San Diego, CA 92131, 888-226-6544 (toll-free), 858-566-3611 (fax),,

LightningFAX v6.5.1

Interstar Technologies premiered its Fax Messaging solution, designed to allow one to send and receive faxes securely and accurately from a desktop. LightningFAX is a robust and reliable application for networks and is easy to install, configure, use and manage. It is a cross-platform solution which takes advantage of existing TCP/IP protocols, allowing leveraging of hardware and software across multiple platforms and throughout an organization. Version 6.5.1 includes the ability to run on a Linux platform. Contact Interstar for price quotes.

Contact: Interstar Technologies Inc., 5835 Verdun Avenue, Suite 302, Montréal, Quebec H4H 1M1, Canada, 514-766-1668, 514-766-1439 (fax),,

OmniServer version 1.0

Omnicentrix Corporation released the OmniServer, a two-tier, multi-platform development and deployment environment combining the ease of BASIC programming with the rapid deployment capabilities of Java. The server software includes drag-and-drop form design, integrated database support and familiar language syntax assistants. OmniServer consists of a client and a server component; the server is a fully cross-platform solution and runs on Linux. It will run in any Java 1.1.6-enabled browser; one need not know Java to write programs. Supported DBMS systems include Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server. A free demo is available at the web site; contact Omnicentric for pricing.

Contact: Omnicentrix Corporation, 198 Broadway, Suite 400, New York, NY 10038, 212-577-6664,,

PCI-based S514 Card

Sangoma Technologies announced its new PCI-based S514 card, with significant performance improvements over the ISA-based S508, particularly in the area of bus throughput. The card is available in two versions: a dual-port version with one main 4Mbps port and one auxiliary 512kbps port (both ports fully support RS232 and V.35/X.21/EIA530), and a quad port version with two sets of interfaces as described above. North American retail prices including main-port cabling are $599 US for the S5141 with one CPU and a dual port card, $859 US for the S5142, with a dual CPU Quad port card. Drivers will initially be available for Linux, supporting frame relay and Cisco HDLC.

Contact: Sangoma Technologies Inc., 1001 Denison Street, Suite 101, Markham, Ontario L3R 2Z6, Canada, 905-474-1990, 905-474-9223 (fax),,

PostShop, ScanShop, OCR Shop 4.5

Vividata, Inc. announced the release of version 4.5 of its PostShop, ScanShop and OCR Shop software products. New features include the addition of Heidelberg's ICC Color Management Module, support for new printers and scanners, easier network printer setup, compatibility with Red Hat 6.0, new libraries and new code. PostShop and ScanShop are available at $199 US for home use and starting at $495 US for corporate use. OCR Shop is available at $299 US for home use, starting at $1,495 US for corporate use.

Contact: Vividata, Inc., 1250 Addison St., Suite 213A, Berkeley, CA 94702, 510-841-6400, 510-841-9661 (fax),,


Business Logic Corporation released Xess Spreadsheet for Linux Standard Edition Version 4.2, the first spreadsheet designed specifically for the X Window system and Motif. The Standard Edition of Xess is designed specifically for Linux users who want familiar spreadsheet functionality and ease of use on their Linux platform. For financial and science/engineering applications, Xess provides a full range of mathematical, statistical, financial, matrix and string functions. Xess Spreadsheet for Linux costs $69.95 US for a single-user license. Site licenses are available.

Contact: Business Logic Corporation, 3-304 Stone Rd. W., Suite 336, Guelph, Ontario N1G 4W4, Canada, 519-763-2097 ext.23, 519-763-5483 (fax),,

Instant Extranet Server (IXS)

V-ONE Corporation announced its new Instant Extranet Server (IXS) which enables any size organization to benefit from secure business communication over the Internet. IXS automatically installs Linux v6.0 from Red Hat; set-up takes less than 30 minutes. IXS is simple to implement and use. It is seamlessly integrated with VPN security from V-ONE, providing a secure e-mail server, software for public and private web servers and FTP servers in one package. Regular IXS pricing is $1,495 US for a 15-seat license and $3,995 US for IXS Gold Edition, which features a 50-seat license. As a special introductory promotion, the standard 15-seat license is available for $995 US.

Contact: V-ONE Corporation, 20250 Century Boulevard, Suite 300, Germantown, MD 20874, 800-495-8663, 301-515-5280 (fax),,

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