Linux Journal Contents #184, August 2009

by Staff

Linux Journal Issue #184/August 2009

If you're a culinary type you've probably heard of Pickled Capers. This month, we present you with an even tastier treat: Kerneled Kapers. That's right Linux so good that you can eat it for dinner. We've got two articles about kernel scheduling: one about real time scheduling and the other about the Completely Fair Scheduler which appeared in Linux 2.6.23. We also have an article on the new Ksplice technology that appeared on the scene just recently. Also in this issue: find out how to make root unprivileged. And if Kapers aren't your cup of tea we have our usual buffet of articles: eyeOS which allows you to create your own cloud based desktops, using fixtures and factories with Rails, more on secure Squids, a review of the long awaited KOffice 2.0, Longomatch, and Kanatest. But don't leave before we serve up the "piece de resistance": Point/Counterpoint on Twitter. Apologies to Chef Marcel for borrowing his shtick.





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