Xen Project Hypervisor 4.2 Released, You Now Can Build a Digital Etch-A-Sketch, GIMP 2.10.10 Now Available, Kernel 5.1-rc4 Is Out, WhiteSource Announces New Integration with Atlassian Bitbucket Server

News briefs for April 8, 2019.

The Linux Foundation recently announced the release of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.12. This version brings "impressive feature improvements around security and code size, x86 architectural renewal and additional updates making the technology ideal for embedded and automotive industries." See also the Xen Project 4.12 Release Notes for more information.

RaspberryPi.org reports that you can now build a digital Etch-A-Sketch. The post notes that Martin Fitzpatrick built something called an "Etch-A-Snap", which is a Raspberry Pi Zero and camera module-connected Etch-A-Sketch: "Etch-A-Snap is (probably) the world's first Etch-A-Sketch Camera. Powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero (or Zero W), it snaps photos just like any other camera, but outputs them by drawing to an Pocket Etch-A-Sketch screen. Quite slowly." See Martin's Reddit post for more details.

GIMP 2.10.10 was released over the weekend. Highlights of the new version include many usability improvements and features such as "line art detection in the Bucket Fill tool for comic artists", "parametric brushes now have 32-bit per channel precision", "easier brush and pattern creation workflow" and much more. The release announcement notes that 775 commits were contributed since the last version.

Linux kernel 5.1-rc4 was released yesterday. This week Linus writes: "Another week, another rc. Smaller than rc3, I'm happy to say. Nothing particularly big in here, just a number of small things all over. And it really is all over. Drivers are about a third (networking, block, gpu, scsi), with the rest being a mix of arch updates, filesystem updates, documentation, core networking, tooling.. So there's no single theme here, just spread out smallish fixes all over."

WhiteSource today announces a new integration with Atlassian Bitbucket Server, the on-premises version control Git repository management solution. From the press release, "The new developer-focused integration issues real-time alerts within the Bitbucket UI on open source vulnerabilities and automatically generates fix pull requests (PR) to help speed up the remediation process. The new WhiteSource Bitbucket Server Integration enables developers to find and fix vulnerable open source components early in the development process, supporting application security and speeding up the development pace."

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