Wibu-Systems CmASIC

Wibu-Systems describes the new generation of its CmASIC module as "the answer to the security-by-design needs of modern embedded computing technology leaders:. CmASIC is a module that Intelligent Device Manufacturers (IDMs) can directly embed into their boards to provide out-of-the box security and entitlement management.

Security-by-design leaves nothing to chance: the system is developed free from vulnerabilities from the get-go and is impervious to attack. By soldering a security module directly on to the board of the endpoint, the endpoint is clearly identified, sensitive data (such as encryption keys, production records and configuration schemes) is safeguarded, and the module itself is accessible only by physically and logically tampering with the endpoint.

Integrating CmASIC is a snap, as the module is delivered in a VQFN-32, 5x5mm chip-size package. On the software side, CmASIC supports all mainstream operating systems via CodeMeter Embedded, including Linux, MacOS and Windows for PCs, Embedded Linux and Windows Embedded for embedded systems, Linux RT, VxWorks and QNX for RTOS, and CODESYS, B&R and Rockwell for PLCs.

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