Webinar: Maximizing NoSQL Clusters for Large Data Sets

This follow-on webcast to Reuven M. Lerner's well-received and widely acclaimed Geek Guide, "Take Control of Growing Redis NoSQL Server Clusters", will extend the discussion and get into the nuts and bolts of optimally maximizing your NoSQL clusters working with large data sets.

Reuven's deep knowledge of development and NoSQL clusters will combine with Brad Brech's intimate understanding of the intricacies of IBM's Power Systems and large data sets in a free-wheeling discussion that will answer all your questions on this complex subject. There will be time for Q & A as well. Please join us September 30 at 2:00PM EDT for this exciting, technical, deeply informative session.

Sign up now: http://linuxjournalservices.com/portal/wts/uemc%7Cy-fn8%7CLegmRs6jwvO36kD7%3Bjb.
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