Urgent: Help Shawn Powers & Family

Today is a day of grief for Linux Journal. This afternoon, Associate Editor Shawn Powers' home burned down — though we don't know many details yet, we do know that Shawn, his wife Donna, and their three girls were not home at the time, but their pets were lost.

If you're checking back, you'll need to clear your browser cache to update the total.

Shawn is one of the warmest, kindest, and most big-hearted people we know. Anyone who has met him, in the offline world or online knows that he is an amazing person, and is constantly focused on others. We at Linux Journal are privileged to know him, and compelled to offer whatever assistance we can in this troubled time.

The Linux and Open Source community is filled with generous individuals, and we are asking those who are moved to offer their help to Shawn and his family to please do so. We have set up a ChipIn page at helpshawnpowersfamily.chipin.com to collect donations — it is a testament to the generosity of this community that in less than three hours, almost $2,500 has been raised.

We know technology donations will be greatly appreciated, and if you have equipment you would like to donate, please email Linux Journal's publisher, Carlie Fairchild.

Shawn has been posting updates to Twitter and photos to Natuba, for those who would like to follow the situation. Please feel free to leave words of encouragement and solidarity in the comments here — you can also do so on his Facebook page. Update: Shawn posted additional details to his blog from his office earlier this evening.

Please know, this isn't Shawn asking for help — he has no clue we've organized anything. This is the Linux Journal team, as a family, asking our community to aid one of our own. We appreciate your generosity, and we know Shawn will too.

With appreciation,

The Linux Journal Team

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