Unison Comes to Ubuntu

Have you been looking for a way to merge your PBX, email, IM, and calendar/contacts onto one unified server? If so, Ubuntu has the announcement you've been waiting for, as they revealed a so-fresh-it-still-has-the-shrinkwrap partnership with Unison Technologies during the LinuxWorld Expo on Tuesday.

Through the new partnership with Ubuntu, and its corporate side Canonical, Unison will now be available for Ubuntu Server and — in beta — Ubuntu Desktop. Unison Server combines all the normal communications services onto a single server, and paired with Unison Desktop, can eliminate the need for the Windows/Office/Outlook stack so prevalent in corporate cubicles. Pricing starts at free to download for up to 10 users, with license "packs" beginning at 20 for $1000, or a perpetual license — per server — for $36,000. The eager amongst us can pick it up immediately for download or purchase on Unison's webiste, with an eventual home to come in the Canonical store.

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