Teradici's Cloud Access Platform: "Plug & Play" Cloud for the Enterprise

Teradici's Cloud Access Software and Cloud Access Platform enables enterprises and solution providers to migrate desktops, workstations, workloads, workflows, and graphics-intensive applications to any cloud, public or private – including, for the first time, Linux instances.

Built on Teradici’s PCoIP technology, the software and the platform let customers securely deliver rich user experiences across network conditions on all sorts of desktop and mobile end-point devices, including ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients. It also affords enterprises and ISVs the flexibility to build customized cloud solutions. The platform includes APIs and SDKs for customized workflows, endpoint interfaces and client-host interactions, specialized device and peripheral support, and integration with management infrastructure.

“...we make it even easier for companies to experience all of the benefits of cloud computing", said Dan Cordingley, CEO of Teradici. “Our Cloud Access Software makes it possible for enterprises to migrate or ‘lift and shift’ applications and workloads to the cloud without re-engineering, thanks to our proven PCoIP Technology. And Cloud Access Platform changes the game for enterprise customers and solution providers that need access to building blocks, APIs and SDKs so that they can develop the customized solutions required by businesses today.”

More info available here about PCoIP and the Cloud access software.

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